Orage STONEHAM Kids Snowpants

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  • The Orage STONEHAM Kids Snowpants are designed to keep your little ones warm and protected during their winter adventures. With durable construction and waterproof materials, these snowpants offer excellent performance and comfort.

Product details

The Orage STONEHAM Kids Snowpants are designed to keep young skiers and snowboarders warm and dry on the slopes. Made with a durable yet flexible fabric, these snowpants provide optimal mobility for kids to freely move and enjoy their winter activities. The waterproof and breathable materials ensure that little ones stay dry and comfortable in wet and snowy conditions. With features such as critically taped seams and adjustable waistbands, these snowpants offer a secure and customizable fit. Additionally, the reinforced knees and seat add extra durability to withstand rough play and frequent falls. Stylish and functional, the Orage STONEHAM Kids Snowpants are a must-have for any young adventurer hitting the mountains. The Orage STONEHAM Kids Snowpants also prioritize safety with their built-in gaiters that help keep snow out and prevent infiltration, ensuring that children can enjoy their outdoor activities without worrying about discomfort or wetness.

These snowpants are designed with a relaxed yet stylish fit, allowing for easy layering underneath and offering room to grow. The multiple pockets provide ample storage space for small essentials like gloves, snacks, or hand warmers. Available in a range of colors, the Orage STONEHAM Kids Snowpants are sure to not only keep kids warm and protected but also make them feel confident and stylish on the slopes.

  • Strategically seam-sealed
  • Two-way stretch fabric
  • Adjustable waistband
  • Snow gaiters with elastic grip
  • Lower leg reinforcement
  • Grow feature extends up to two inches at pant bottom
  • Length adjustment with a back snap system
  • All body 100g
  • Polyfill insulation
  • 100% polyester


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