Oakley ENCORDER STRIKE Sunglasses

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  • Oakley's ENCORDER STRIKE VENTED Sunglasses combine style and functionality, featuring a sleek design with ventilated lenses for optimal airflow.

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The Oakley ENCORDER STRIKE VENTED Sunglasses are a high-performance eyewear option designed specifically for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. These sunglasses feature a lightweight and durable frame, made from Oakley's signature O Matter material, ensuring that they can withstand even the most rigorous activities. The frame also incorporates a three-point fit system, which eliminates pressure points and provides a secure and comfortable fit. The lenses of the Oakley ENCORDER STRIKE VENTED Sunglasses are vented to prevent fogging and maximize airflow, especially during intense physical exertion. They also offer 100% UV protection, shielding your eyes from harmful sun rays. With their combination of functionality and sleek design, these sunglasses are perfect for those who demand performance and style in their eyewear.

In addition to their impressive technical features, the Oakley ENCORDER STRIKE VENTED Sunglasses also boast a stylish and modern appearance. The wraparound design provides excellent coverage, minimizing light interference from all angles. Their sleek lines and matte finish create a bold and sophisticated look, making these sunglasses suitable for both sports activities and casual wear. Whether you are hitting the slopes, running on the beach, or simply enjoying a day in the sun, the Oakley ENCORDER STRIKE VENTED Sunglasses offer unmatched clarity, comfort, and style for any outdoor adventure.

• MULTI-SPORT DESIGN - Functional sport design with optimized coverage, wider field of view, frame retention and impact protection.
• REVOLUTIONARY LENS DESIGN - Advancements in optical design have allowed the lens to be designed with an extended wrap and rigidity in key areas that mimic the structural properties of a frame.
• EXTENDED LENS SHAPE - Larger lens shape inspired by Oakley's Razor Blades
• HAT AND HELMET FIT TEMPLES - O-Matter™ temples have been designed to be low profile to fit with hats and helmets.
• NO-SLIP GRIP - Unobtainium® earsocks and nosepads help provide sport level retention with a no-slip grip and all-day comfort.
• SEE MORE DETAILS - Available with Prizm™ lenses that are designed to enhance color, contrast so you can see more detail.

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