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  • The WALLISCHTICK Ski Poles are durable and lightweight, perfect for aggressive skiing. With their comfortable grips and adjustable length, these poles provide excellent control and stability on the slopes, making them a must-have for any seasoned skier.

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Poles used by the best must be the best, right? Grab your grabs, call your kfeds, the LINE Wallischtick Pole will keep you looking fresh and feeling good. After all, you'll look just like Tom. Pair these with the Tom Wallisch Pro's, and you're like the best skier on the mountain.

  • POLE BASKET (MM) : 60 Screw Off
  • POLE FEATURES : Grab Tab™,Screw it All!™ Screwdriver Tip
  • POLE MATERIAL : 6061 Aluminum
  • GRIP & DIAMETER : BMX 25mm
  • POLE WEIGHT : 195


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