100Prcnt NORG Goggles + Bonus Lens

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  • The 100Prcnt NORG Goggles are premium eyewear designed for high-performance sports. With 100% UV protection and anti-fog lenses, these goggles ensure crystal-clear vision and superior eye safety.

Product details

100Prcnt NORG Goggles are the ultimate protective eyewear for extreme sports and outdoor enthusiasts. These goggles feature cutting-edge technology that ensures maximum clarity and visibility in any weather conditions. With their innovative lens design, these goggles offer a wide field of vision, allowing users to see their surroundings clearly and prevent accidents. The 100Prcnt NORG Goggles also prioritize the safety and comfort of the wearer. The goggles are equipped with a durable and impact-resistant frame, providing robust protection against flying debris or falls. Additionally, the triple-layer foam padding and adjustable strap ensure a secure and comfortable fit, allowing users to focus on their activities without distractions. Whether you're hitting the slopes, tearing up the motocross track, or braving the wilderness, the 100Prcnt NORG Goggles are the ideal choice for unmatched optical performance and dependable protection.

  • Gravit8™ — 8 Magnetic touch-points provide a secure fit while ensuring easy lens changing and unrivaled performance.
  • 3DPlane™ Molded Lens Technology provides seamless lens-to-goggle chasis fit
  • UltraHD® Optical Clarity Lens Technology - maximum protection with uncompromised optics
  • HiPER® Contrasting Lens Technology filters out certain color wavelengths to create more contrast
  • High Altitude Lens Technology alleviates lens distortion by releasing pressure at higher altitudes.
  • Scratch and Impact Resistant Lens with hydro and oleophobic coatings keep your lens smudge, scratch, and moisture free
  • Dual Pane Anti-Fog Lens keeps your vision clear by regulating the temperature of the space between two lenses
  • Flexible goggle frame with multi-layer face foam with moisture wicking micro-fleece, for maximum comfort, next to skin.
  • OTG compatible — The goggle frame fits comfortably over Rx glasses, without compromising the fit, form, or function of the snow goggle.
  • Adjustable 50mm strap with slip resistant grippers strategically placed allows the goggle to remain secure in variable terrain and volatile environments.


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