Rossignol ESCAPER TOUR Pliable XV Snowboard Poles

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  • Overview
  • The Rossignol ESCAPER TOUR Pliable XV Snowboard Poles offer excellent flexibility and durability, making them ideal for adventurous snowboarders. These foldable poles provide easy storage and transportation.

Product details

Part of freeride legend Xavier De Le Rue's signature collection, the Rossignol Escaper Tour Foldable XV Pole is built for backcountry splitboard missions. The durable, three-piece design is collapsible for easy packing on the descent. Its touring-specific grip features extended length foam for multiple hand positions on the up track, plus a wide top grip for extra support when climbing and that lets you flip your heel lifters with a flick of your pole.

Lightweight Strength
Aluminum zicral shaft construction offers a great balance of lightness, durability and strength

Foldable Design
Three-piece build folds down for compact travel

Multi-Function Touring Grip
Touring-specific grip includes extended foam for varied hand placement plus a wide upper grip for flipping heel lifters and extra support while climbing


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