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  • The POC COLUMN VPD 13L Bag is a versatile and spacious backpack designed for all-day adventures. With its 13-liter capacity, it offers ample storage for your essentials, while the VPD back protector provides enhanced protection for your back.

Product details

The POC COLUMN VPD 13L Bag is designed to meet the needs of riders who embark on all-day mountain biking adventures. This versatile backpack offers a generous 13-liter capacity, allowing you to carry all your essential gear and supplies. One of its standout features is the integrated VPD back protector, which provides enhanced protection for your back in case of falls or impacts. The bag is thoughtfully designed with multiple compartments and pockets, ensuring efficient organization of your belongings. It also features adjustable shoulder straps and a padded back panel for a comfortable fit and excellent load distribution. Whether you're exploring rugged trails or going on long-distance rides, the POC COLUMN VPD 13L Bag offers the perfect combination of storage, protection, and comfort for your biking excursions.

  • VPD Air protector
  • Space for a 3L hydration bladder
  • Compartmentalised tool storage


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