Pro Ski Simulator CLASSIC

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  • Overview
  • Pro Ski CLASSIC is the basic and complete training machine for skiers of all levels, that also works on the same skills needed by fans of Stop & Go sports.

Product details

It’s also suitable for fitness, weight maintenance and rehabilitation programs. With its low-impact technology, this simulator provides cross-training for all those who play high-impact sports and want to protect their joints. Its compact design is designed for the home or office gym. Ideal for increasing power, coordination and balance.

  • Working on strength and cardio training at the same time
  • Burning 800 kcal/hour or more to help maintain a healthy weight
  • High intensity interval training or HIIT
  • Leg and core exercises: buttocks, abs, hips
  • Full-body programs with weighted ski poles (not included)


  • 40 kg (88 lb)


  • Length 173 cm/69 in
  • Width 68 cm/26.5 in
  • Height 125 cm/48.7 in


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