Chromag DAGGA Pedals

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  • Overview
  • The Dagga is our DH pedal. It was designed in collaboration with Chris Kovarik – one of the forefathers of downhill and flat pedal riding.

Product details

Kovarik’s unique and high impact riding style inspired the Dagga’s key features – our largest platform, widest stance and most grip.

The Dagga features the same high strength chromoly axle system as all Chromag pedals with a double seal, inner bushing and outer cartridge bearing.

Largest Q-Factor, largest body, longest and largest amount of pins!

Profile : Concave Design, 14.3mm at platform center
Material : Alloy, forged then machined.
Size : 120mm x 115mm
Pins : 12 per platform, adjustable height, super grip
Weight : 480g/pair


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