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  • The profits will be donated to the ÉDOUARD BOIVIN FUND for the benefit of the Sainte-Justine Foundation in order to support research against epilepsy.

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On August 23, Édouard left, taking with him the key to the treasure. We were never able to unravel the mystery of his complex illness, epilepsy.

For more than 2 weeks at CHU Sainte-Justine, the intensive care, neurology, immunology, neurosurgery and genetics teams turned over absolutely every stone in a final hope of (finally) finding THE cause behind epilepsy afflicting Édouard's perfect little brain for almost 6 years. Despite their expertise and all the care provided, it was impossible for us to stop the illness having taken a sudden and extreme turn upon returning from our wonderful vacation in Gaspésie.

The Édouard Boivin Fund was founded in October 2021 by Claude-André Boivin and Laurence Gauvin-Couture, in tribute to their son Édouard, who suffered from epilepsy and died in August 2021, at the age of 9. Édouard's departure did not mark the end of their fight against epilepsy, quite the contrary. Even today, despite the absence of their son, Claude-André and Laurence dare to imagine a world without epilepsy.

500 cyclists and runners are expected at Sommet Morin Heights to take on a friendly challenge: that of covering the greatest distance on trails during the day.

Two sports communities come together to achieve a big goal: raise $350,000!


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